Inquiry:  my son has a couple unpaid drunk in public tickets one dated about a year ago. he has not paid them but he has his beginners drivers licience which expires 2015. I am wanting him to get a job and he has two lined up but needs his licience to get these jobs. Will having these unpaid fines that has nothing to do with the traffic act, and not having paid any of the fines yet, will it cause his beginners to be suspended?? or would he be able to still go for his driver test and licience? do tickets for being intoxicated in public and not having them paid go against your drivers licience at all?? please help…

Response:  That would be a question best put directly to the MTO for an accurate response.  Given the type of charge, I don’t believe it would cause a licence suspension.  However, you should contact the MTO on the issue for an accurate answer.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London