Inquiry:  Hi, i got a red light ticket in brampton as the camera took a photo of my car going throug a red light. The ticket is $325…i cant afford that as i am still a student, if i meet with the prosecuter for an early resolution (where i will plea guilty but also explain that i was confused as i am not familiar with the brampton area) can i ask them to still reduce the fine regarding the info given? Also i believe if you meet a prosecuter i do not need a legal representative with me as i understand that i will not get any points on my license. Therefore what do you suggest, as i mentioned i am a student with only my husband working eventhough i realise i did go throug a red light out of confusion….can i get the fine reduced still if i meet with the prosecuter. If you do not recommend me meeting with the prosecuter can you please explain why? Thanks kiran

Response:  Camera-based red light charges do not show as a conviction on your driving history or carry demerit points.  You may be able to get the fine reduced simply by talking with a Court Clerk where you would file or pay a ticket.

Best wishes,
Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)