Inquiry:  Hi, I just recieved a ‘red light camera system offence notice’. It says the ‘photographs taken by the red ligt camera system show the vehicle approaching the intersection at which the signal had displayed red for 000.8 seconds and that the vehicle proceeded through the intersection when the light had been red for 001.5 seconds’. I am not familiar with the brampton area and was using my gps as i was confused of what turn to take next and at the time and when i had observed the traffic lights it had just turned amber and by the time i got to the line i saw it was red however in a state of confusion i was unable to break and carried on through the red traffic light…i am now being fined $325.00 and i am currently a student with only my husband working is it wise to a plea of not guilty and to have a trial and get the fine reduced or should i just pay the fine?

Response:  Red-light camera charges do not go onto your driving record like a regular red light charge issued by a Police Officer would.  Generally you would be looking at more legal expensive to hire a representative to appear on your behalf at court than you would have in potential benefit.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)