Inquiry:  i have a few unpaid speeding tickets plus a couple driving with suspended all from a few years ago, i havnt tried to make any payments because i didnt have the money. now i have a lot of interest plus the fines. i dont know how to go about paying it off, can i get a payment plan? do i still get charged interest if im making payments? and does the gov. have a web site or something to check what my fine/interest are totaled at?

Response:  If you go to a Court Clerk at your local Provincial Offences Court, they will be able to tell you what you have outstanding to the Court for fines.  If your outstanding fines are applicable, you may be able to file an Application For Extension Of  Time To Pay Fines.  If your application is granted, and you have no other suspensions against your licence, you can go to the MTO approximately one week later to reinstate your licence.  I hope this is of assistance.

Best wishes,
Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)