Inquiry:   Hello i have a drivers insurance act fine from 2008 i didnt know about it  as my lawyer delt with it without me in court i found out about via letter say i own over 9 grand ive asked the court for an extention and to reduce fine only thing they gave me was a $50 deduction is there anyway i can get my licence back im on ontario works and barley make enough monie to live now ive had a couple of job offers but i needed a licnece i mean ive had no accedents no duis nothing other than drivers insurance act… i cant afford the 20% or whatever up front is there anyway to have the fine revoked and licence back with strict conditons please help or even licence back with mininum payments something oh and ive asked my lawyer for info on my fine they have no files for me which doesnt make any sence

Response:  If the court grants you an extension of time to pay the fine, then you will likely be able to apply for a reinstatement of your licence approximately one week later.  However, you will need to ensure that you keep your payment schedule to the court so that the licence is not re-suspended.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)