Inquiry:  I am a US resident and while visiting canada 3-4 years ago I got pulled over and got a ticket for not having my license with me ( I had a valid DL but forgot it at home ) and another ticket for having a radar detector in my car ( I didn’t know it was not allowed in canada ). I never paid the tickets would there be a warrant for my arrest? I now have an emergency and need to come to Canada, my question is what will happen at the border? will I get arrested or not allowed into canada or get arrested and get the car i was driving impounded? ( the car isn;t registered to my name ) Any help would be appreciated

Response:  Those would be questions best answered by directly contacting the police and the Ministry of Transportation for the province that you were visiting.   Unfortunately, I can not be of any more specific help than that.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)