Inquiry:  I was involved Ina car accident last month. This morning I was served with a traffic ticket brought to my house by police (I was served after a month). And the ticket is CARELESS DRIVING. There are few mistakes on my ticket. My name is missing some letters, my date of birth is wrong and most importantly the set fine is $265 instead of $490 as it should be?! What are my chances of fighting this ticket?? Thank you.

Response:  Careless Driving is one of the most serious charges that can be issued under the Highway Traffic Act.  We would have to look at the specifics of the alleged errors to see whether there would be a grounds to have the charge thrown out. If you would like to discuss your case with one of our staff, we offer a no-cost initial review of charges via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)