Inquiry:  While working friday evening we were pulled over. I was driving my coworkers car because he had received a license suspension for too many moving violations. I had assumed that he had valid insurance and registration on the vehicle but instead of a monthly payment plan he had only purchased insurance for a month. So low and behold I received a fine for operating an unregistered vehicle. When I was given the ticket by the RCMP constable and he was telling me that I had till may 12 to pay the fine, I questioned this because he had just told me that I had 30 days to pay the fine. He apologized and corrected the ticket. Afterwards I was reading the ticket and I discovered that he corrected in the wrong space and the date of the ticket now reads April 27 / 2027. In light of all these errors do I have a legitimate argument behind not paying the ticket.

Response:  Unfortunately, we do not service the area that you are in and I wouldn’t want to incorrectly advise you in your matter.  I would recommend contacting a local paralegal to review your ticket and provide advice on how best to proceed.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)