Inquiry:  Basically, I was suckered. I was driving on the 410S to the 403W on a Saturday morning, 8am, no traffic on the road, nice sunny morning. When passing an Acura SUV, I noticed the driver of said SUV making motions at me. I looked over, confused, as there was no reason she should be upset with me, and continued driving. She sped up as I was passing her and would not let me pass (there were only 2 lanes at this point) and proceeded to keep me boxed in between her and the car infront of me for the next minute or two. If i sped up, she did the same. If i slowed down, she did the same. We came around the bend heading onto the 403, and I had to get over 2 lanes to remain on the 403. (the lane I was in exited at Eglinton after the bend) I had to slow down quite a bit so she would pass me and I could get over. As soon as I switched lanes behind her, she slammed on her brakes for absolutely no reason from 100kmph to a dead stop and I hit her from behind. I had just come from the lane beside her and know 100% there was no cars infront of her to cause this eratic braking. In my disclosure, you can tell something isnt right as the two stories are sooo different. The cop at the scene explained that she HAD to charge me with “Following Too Closely” as a collision was involved, but strongly suggested that I fight the charge as “you can tell something fishy is going on with the two stories”. It really bothers me that someone causing an accident on purpose, putting her life, my life, and the lives of anyone else on the highway at the time in jeopardy is getting off scott-free and I am facing charges. Is there any hope for me? Do I have a chance of winning this?

Response:  Follow Too Closely charges can be a difficult case for the Prosecutor to win at trial.  However, I would want one of our Court staff to review the evidence before giving specific advice.  If you would like to contact one of our staff, we offer a no-cost initial review of cases via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)