Inquiry:  my son had a fender bender, he was charged with following to close. He signed the ticket and we paid his fine by check and posted it in the mail. On April 7 2012 we picked up our mail and there was a notification that his Licence was suspended for none payment of the above charge. we went to the Licence office and they further inform him that his licence was suspended under the the new rules for G2 drivers for 30 days. We did not receive notification of that, and they now tell him that the total suspended time only starts upon the turning in of his Llicence. yet they tell him that he could have been charged for driving under suspended licence at any point since Feburary 27. 2012. how can this be correct?

Response:  Unfortunately, that is correct.  It would have been prudent to follow-up with the court to ensure that the cheque had been received without any issue.  When the charge went to conviction and the deadline for paying the fine passed, you’re son’s licence would have gone into suspension for the non-payment of fine.  As well, being a G2 licence holder, a conviction for any charge carrying 4 or more demerit points will incur the escalating sanctions under the new legislation.

It is important whenever a charge has been issued to know your rights and what penalties are being faced.   Almost all Follow Too Closely charges can either be thrown out at court or be reduced down to lesser offences.  Which in this case would have avoided the two licence suspensions and the impact that the conviction and suspensions will have on being able to ensure him as a driver.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)