Inquiry:  a few days ago i was given a tkt for driving without due care. I was on a hwy it was raining pretty hard and i was looking for a street. i spotted the street at an intersection and made a late left turn. i looked in my side mirror and indicated that i was turning. i put on my brakes and turned, the car directly behind me went through the intersection and the car that was two behind me was rear ended by a truck. My question is why was the car directly behind me able to proceed and the second car got rear ended. should i fight this ticket, my daughter was in my truck as a witness that the car directly behind me passed safely.

Response:  You may well have a defence to your charge.  However, we unfortunately to not cover your local area.  I would recommend contacting a local paralegal or lawyer to review your case with you more specifically.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)