Inquiry:  I recieved a Speeding ticket today, it’s only for 15 over. 105 in a 90. The officer Wrote the wrong time on the ticket. I was pulled over this morning before noon, He wrote the time of the stop as 11:55 pm. Meaning I technically have yet to commit the offense because it is only 11:16pm. Would this ticket be valid. Technically he wouldn’t be on duty at the time of the ticket.

Reponse:  It is very unlikely the the minor discrepency in time would be a grounds to have the charge thrown out.  There may however be other more substantial issues with the evidence.  At 15 km/h over the speed limit, the charge does not carry demerit points but will show on your driving history as a conviction in determining your insurance rates.  Given the speed that you were charged with, I would suspect that the Officer also reduced your rate of speed at roadside from an original higher rate of speed.  If so, these cases can be more difficult to defend and I’ll usually reduce our standard pricing to accomodate for that.  We could at the very least review the Prosecutor’s disclosure to see if there is any ground to have the charge dropped.  If you would like to review your case further, we offer a no-cost initial review via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)