Inquiry:  My daughter rec’d a speeding ticket. We called in and was told when it had to be paid and how much. I went online and paid the ticket. She rec’d an email right afterwards and it said pending confirmation and she thought that meant it was paid (she has a learning disability). Aparently the fine was not paid and her license has been suspended. She was notified by regular mail that her license had been suspended for the past week and she had no idea. Is there a way she can fight this charge of suspension as she had thought the fine was paid when we went online and entered all the credit card info to pay it. One person I talked to said that it was probably due to the online payment was 1 day before due date so the amt of the fine had increased b/c it takes a few days for online payments and they also said my daughter should have rec’d something in the mail saying her license woudl be suspended if she didn’t pay and that she still owed the money. She had no idea the payment didn’t go through.

Response:  Fortunately, from what you describe, it doesn’t like your daughter has an actual DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION charge; she will want to make sure that she does not drive until the matter has been resolved.  Your first recourse would likely be to go in to your local POA courthouse and talk with one of the court clerks to show them your payment form from the online payment site.  They may be able to resolve the issue.  If they are unable to do so, then whatever remaining fine will need to be paid, and then approximately one week later your daughter will be able to go to the MTO to have her licence reinstated (there is a fee of approximately $150 for this).  I hope this information helps you out.  If you require our services in the future, we may always be reached either through the website or via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)