Inquiry:  I was pulled over driving a few months back, I have my G1 Driver’s Licence
& I was driving an Insured vehicle, accompanied by a fully licenced driver
with over 10 years experience. The office was not pulling me over for a
driving violation, but for a breach of probation. I was asked to produce my
Licence, i did, they never asked my passenger to produce his, never even
asked if he had one. I was arrested and released on a “PTA” I went home and
left it alone. 5 weeks later I came home, my door had been left open by a
stranger, I walked in an their was a Traffic Fine for 110.00 sitting under
an ashtray on my kitchen table, There was nobody home that day at all,
meaning that the officer walked in to my house and left it there. Is this
Illegal? and Can I fight the Suspension? Because By the time I got the
ticket I had little time to pay, and was incarcerated 2 day’s after
noticing this ticket. I got out of jail, and witihin 3 day’s had a
Suspension notice….

Response:  Issues regarding Officer conduct would best be addressed with their supervisor.  Regarding the ticket itself, once the fine is paid, you can apply for a licence reinstatement one week later at the MTO assuming you have no other issues suspending your licence.  It is possible that the charge could be reopened depending on how much time has passed since you became aware of the conviction.  I would recommend speaking directly with one of our staff in more detail via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299 to see what could potentially be done.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)