Inquiry: long story… when i was a teen i had bought a parts car, not road worthy…no ins etc just registered as it wasnt to be driven. Ex bf took it for a spin got pulled over, he received tickets. i was unaware of this. A few years later we were pulled over in Dryden Ont and thus i received a No Ins fine that totaled $5000.00 and a suspention of license till its paid. I was unaware of the 1 No Ins fine till I was in my early 20’s, took it to a lawyer went to court and the case was dropped as the previous charge docs were lost. The copy of the ticket stated that the person who accepted the ticket was my ex (didnt tell me). I havent had a license since a teen and would love to drive again… I live in another province is there anything i can do to have the No Ins reduced as the previous ticket was thrown out?

Response:  Given the complexity of your case, I would recommend speaking directly to a legal representative in your area.  Some of the details of your case history are unclear and would need to be clarified before providing any advice or legal action.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)