Inquiry:  My friend was speeding (49 over the posted speed limit), yes this is really bad. I’m really interested in law and plan on pursueing it as a career, so he asked me if he could use the fact that the officer wrote he was on lasalle during the incident, but he didn’t put on his lights till they pulled onto the next street, and that is when they pulled over. I did not think this was a fatal flaw, but I wanted to make sure. Also, he got charged for failure to provide license, and insurance… but in Ontario, I was wondering if we had a grace period (I thought someone told me 3 days), to show your license to the station.

Response:  The location issue is not a fatal flaw to the charge issued.  The Speeding charge was likely reduced from a higher rate of speed and your friend will need to be very careful on how the matter is proceeded upon to avoid the charge from being ammended up to the top-level of Speeding offence.  On the other two charges I would need to review his charges more specifically.  Depending on how he was charged with the insurance related offence, he may be facing a minimum total fine of $6,250.  I would recommend him speaking directly with one of our staff via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299 to review his case in more detail.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)