Inquiry: My daughter was involved in a accident this evening. She left the house, drove 75 meters to turn right at the end of our street (No stop sign or yield) The weather was slick and she was travelling at a maximum of 20 klm an hour. She tried to make the right turn but the car continued to travel straight. She impacted another vehicle due to this. No hair bags deployed, no injuries, and both vehicle drove from the scene. Police were called and charged my daughter with improper right turn 141 (2)

The officer spelt her surname wrong.  I was speechless when he charged her, I thought the weather conditions would have played a part, and the police really didn’t need to be called in the first place. Would it be worth fighting this?

Response:  We can certainly review the Prosecutor’s disclosure and see if the matter can be withdrawn to avoid the demerit point and insurance penalties.  If the Prosecutor does not agree to withdraw the charge, there is still hope that the matter could be dismissed at trial.  Generally this type of case does not involve much legal work or expense to resolve.  I would recommend speaking with one of our staff for a no-cost initial review of the matter via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)