Inquiry:  I can’t find out whether my driver’s licence is suspended, cancelled or invalid. I’ve sent countless e-mails to 3 different sections of the MTO but to no avail. Is there a way to find out this information, preferably for free?

Response:  If you go into an MTO office, a clerk should be able to provide you that information.  You could also go to the Service Ontario website and pull your 3 year driver’s abstract which would likely show any suspensions applied against your licence.  A 3 year record check usually costs about $13 to $15.  If you suspect that your licence may be suspended, you should not drive until you have resolved the suspension issue.  A charge of DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION carries a total maximum fine of $6,250, a mandatory 6 months of further licence suspension, and up to 6 months of jail.

Greg Currie