Inquiry:  Hello, I got into a car accident a month ago and we did not report it (me or the person i hit). well over a month later i get a call from the police saying they know i was in an accident and have tickets to issue me. being well over 30 days the officer said i have to go to court so they can issue it. *what im being charged with* i was driving my friends truck, he did not have it insured. im getting charged with driving no licence, and failure to yeild from a private drive..  my friend is getting much worse charges. what is going to happen to me. this is my second time driving without a license but they have said nothing about it as yet but its bound to come up.

Response:  With licencing charges there are generally two offences that will get issued.  One is HTA s.32(1) – Operating a motor vehicle without a valid licence, and the more severe charge of HTA s.53 – Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended licence.  If your current a previous charges were under HTA s.53, then the Prosecutor may be seeking jail time and high fines.  The vehicle owner may be issued a charge for permitting you to drive the vehicle while it was not insured, this charge alone usually carries a total minimum fine of $6,250 for a first offence.    It would be adviseable to seek out legal representation to review your charges in detail and understand exactly what you are each facing for penalties.  Generally, we’re able to lower either the nature of charges or the penalties associated with charges while representing our clients.  We offer a no-cost initial review via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London