Inquiry:  hello, i am a g2 drive and i have gotten 3 suspended licenses do to dumb choices. the first one. was driving past 12 pm at night. and not enough seat belts in the car for every one. I was one person over in the car. Secound time was letting a friend drive the car because we were out at a bar i had a few drinks. didnt wanna risk it. long story short we where pulled over. he realized he didnt have his g1 on him. we were able to switch seats. i took the blame. i didnt blow over just got a warning.

Third time was i asume again being out past 12 pm at night and due to the secound time listed above. my question is, is there any way i am able to get this off my driving record? and will this affect my insurance? because i am secoundarly driver. i understand everything i did wrong. i am just hoping for a secound chance because i wasnt thinking when making these choices in the moment. and regret that it all happen. and will it still affect me when i get my full g.

Response:  The charges and the suspensions will show on your driving record and will almost certainly have a very negative effect on insurance.  If you are insured under your parent’s insurance, they may be required to sign a waiver that you will no longer drive their vehicle in order for them to remain insured.  Driving records hold people accountable for their actions while driving, regardless of the popularity of the penalties that occur for insurance rates or inconveniences for suspensions of licence.  The best advice would have been to originally look at contesting the charges before they went to conviction.  We offer a no-cost initial review of cases to help determine the penalties being faced and whether or not there is a reasonable defence to the charge(s) laid.  If your three charges have not yet gone to conviction, you may wish to review them with one of our staff via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.  If your charges have already gone to a conviction, barring a legitimate grounds for an appeal, you could approach the MTO for a review if you feel you have grounds to contest the convictions being on your driver’s record.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)