Inquiry:  My boyfriend is Anerican, from Tennessee. A few years back, he ran up about 4500 in speeding fines in Ontario. Now he is thinking of visiting here again, but is worried that he might get arrested for unpaid fines. Is this possible? Likely? Please help! He would like to start making payments on the fines, but definitely cannot afford to pay them all at once. Please tell me what could happen if he were pulled over in Ontario. Thank you for your time!

Response:  With unpaid fines, he may have a suspension in Ontario on an administrative driver’s licence number.  If there is a bench warrant for his arrest, he would have to contact the Court or police to determine if there is one outstanding.  He may want to file an application for an extension of time to pay fines with the Court to get his financial situation in order.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)