Inquiry: I have been given a fine for 1000 dollars and am late with the payment I thought that it was due this month not last I have the money but am worried if I show up to pay I will go to jail for the 16 days they have set out if payment is not made .Can you tell me will I be arrested while trying to make the payment and can I have somone make the payment for me? Thank you

Response:  Not being aware of the specific history of you case I can only provide you with general information.  Generally, the Court simply wants to get its money and will be accomodating to make that happen.  Generally, if you miss your payment date for a HTA/CAIA offence, the Court will suspend your driving licence.  If this has happened, it is important that you do not drive to avoid futher charges and penalties.  If you were to have an actual warrant for your arrest, then it would be an issue that you would eventually have to address and one that will not go away if ignored.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London