Inquiry: hi, I got a ticket in 2009 while driving my employers work vehicle for not having the proper insurance info in the truck! at the time I did NOT realize that this would impact my record. My employer paid the ticket that was in my name but now it has impacted my new insurance policy, is there anything I can do to remove this ticket fromm my record?? thank you for your time.

Response:  Unfortunately, by having paid the ticket you plead guilty to the offence.  The plea of guilt coupled with the age of the conviction would make an appeal very difficult to win.  In the case that you describe, an appeal could be filed with the court, but given the odds of success you may find that the legal costs would exceed any benefits gained.  Our advice is to always contact a paralegal before deciding whether to plead guilty or contest a charge at Court.  We offer a no-cost initial consultation to review charges and can generally determine whether or not it is worthwhile to fight a case at Court or simply enter a guilty plea.  As you’ve noted, even minor offences can lead to thousands of dollars of increased insurance, whereas fighting them at Court would have only cost a few hundred dollars.  Should you require our services in the future, we can be reached via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London