Inquiry: This weekend in Rim park Waterloo was the Ontario Provicial Volleyball Tournament. Parking was all full. People were parking everywhere. It was crazy, I parked on a yellow painted area next to Handicap Parking spots. There was a vehicle in the Handicap parking space next to me on the right. on the left was a lane way. The lane is usually two cars wide but the entire parking lot was filled and an entire row of cars were parked along the cirb on the left of my vehicle. so to clarify, cirb, lane way, my car parked on yellow painted area then the Handicap parking spot to my right. I Ended up crossing the Handicap Parking line with my right side of my car by approox. 1 foot. I got ticketd the full price. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. I would never take a Handicap parking spot. The entire spot was available. I have phots documenting the entire parking lot and all the infractions that were present when I got back to my car.

Response:  Unfortunately, we do not handle parking tickets.   These charges do not become a part of your driving history and carry a fine as their only penalty.  The cost to hire legal representation would likely be greater than the benefit you would gain at Court.  You could however attend Court on your own behalf to see if the Prosecutor would at least agree to lower the fine.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London