Inquiry: I bought a car in August 2011 and because of overwhelming problems, I didn’t get the opportunity to transfer the car into my name. In October I went with my girl friend to transfer the car in my name. We were asked for id and before you know it, my gf license information was on the ownership. It was never the plan for her to get the car under her name so she didn’t sign the ownership and it was left at that.

I got pulled over the other day and received a few tickets under my name but plates belonging to the previous owner. I accept full responsibility for the tickets. I’m hoping the responsibility is mines and not the previous owner because of their plates. Am I correct ?

Also the following day after receiving the ticket the cops came back to repossess the ownership, claiming it’s my gf
responsibility because her name is on the ownership (even though she hasn’t signed AND the seller signed the incorrect spot on the ownership). What are my chances and where do I stand?

Response:  It sounds like you have a fairly involved case that will require having you speak directly with one of our staff to resolve.  In general however, if you have had possession of a vehicle for a reasonable period of time, the vehicle will be deemed your property regardless of the paperwork.  There are legal responsibilities for both the driver of a vehicle and for the owner of a vehicle, for which varying sections of law apply.  You, your girlfriend, or both may be charged in the situation that you describe; for example. HTA 12(1)(d) USE PLATE NOT AUTHORIZED can be issued for either the use, or permitting the use, of a plate not authorized for the vehicle carrying a maximum total fine of $1,250, no more than 6 months suspension of licence, and no more than 6 months jail.  I would recommend contacting one of our staff via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299 for a no-cost inital review of your case in more detail.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London