Inquiry:  Hello, I used another firm to fight my speeding ticket, I did mention my plate# on the ticket was incorrect, it seems that was not pointed out and now the conviction notice has an incorrect plate but all other information is correct. Is this something that I should have fought in court?

Response:  Not being aware of the specific details of your case, I can only provide so much information.  The incorrect licence plate number on the ticket will likely have had no impact on the arguments made at Court or on the ability for the Court to accept payment of any outstanding fine.  A minor error such as an error in the licence plate can be ammended by a Prosecutor at trial, and the Officer’s identification of you will likely have been proven by valid photo ID such as your driver’s licence.  The issue is an administrative one only, hopefully the other company was able to have the rate and penalties associated with your charge reduced.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London