Inquiry:  i was pulled over for the above 31/03/11 and was givin a ticket for the above as they state there is an unpaid ticket the court date is tommorrow in cambridge i am unable to pay this ticket this month since i received on thursday a notice of claim on my 2nd mortgage and may face forcloser if i dont refiance in 19 days also i live in lucan the court time is tomorrow in cambridge icalled the court house on thursday they wouldnt extended me a week for the date and all weekend tried to find a ride down what are my options for tomorrow?

Response:  You or your Agent must be present at Court.  If no one is present to speak to your case, the Court may convict you of the charge(s) before the Court and assign you the associated penalties.  A Drive Under Suspension charge carries a maximum total fine of $6,250.00, a mandatory 6 months suspension of licence, and a maximum 6 month jail term.  Our Court Staff will be in Cambridge Court tomorrow.  I would recommend speaking with our staff as soon as possible via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London