Inquiry: Basically i was driving to work today, pulled onto my work property (home depot) and parked my car. The cop pulled in front of my car, got out and asked for my license and reg and ins. I gave it, he stated I had an expired license. I was shocked because I had never gotten a letter in the mail stating to renew. On the ticket he wrote an address that was around the corner from where we actually were. I think he did this since we were on private property, and also he wrote my license plate as axkp when it’s axxp. No police lights or sirens ever came on either. In your opinion is this something that would be dropped immediately with the new changes to the system with emailing proof for some tickets to be dropped, or do I still have to book an court date and wait 6-9 months for a date then go the court date? Thanks for any help.

Response:  None of the issues that you describe would be fatal errors to the Prosecutor’s case at trial.  On the face of the case from what you describe, it sounds as though you were charged under HTA 32(1), DRIVE M/V – NO LICENCE, and that your licence was indeed expired making the charge a valid one.  That does not mean however that you may not have a defence to the charge.  There may be other issues with the Prosecutor’s case that may be grounds to have the charge dismissed at Court.  If you would like to persue this matter further, you can speak with one of our staff via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London