Inquiry:  I got a speeding ticket worth 3 demerit points. I only have my G2 and was wondering if that is enough to get your drive suspended. With a G2 how many demerit points can you get before you get it suspended and once i get my G will they get cleared from my record.

Response:  With a G2 licence you have a more limited pool of demerit points than a full G licence.  If you receive 6 or more demerit points you will be require to attend a mandatory meeting at the MTO to determine whether your licence will be suspended and at 9 or more demerit points a G2 licence will be automatically suspended.  I do not believe that demerit points are reset upon obtaining a full G licence, you may wish to contact the MTO directly to confirm that.  A G2 licence is also subject to automatic suspension for conviction of any charge carrying 4 or more demerit points under the new ‘escalating sanctions’ that went into effect as of August 2010.  Often a 3 demerit point speeding charge can be reduced to a lesser 0 demerit point offence or be eliminated outright at Court.  I would recommend speaking with one of our staff for a no-cost initial consultation regarding the specifics of your case via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London