Inquiry:  I have a couple of questions with this ticket as I don’t deserve it. (I had another recently that I did deserve… I am not fighting that one.) I actually know that I was not speeding since as I said, I had just received
a ticket recently and was so hyper sensitive about my speed. Even my kids are watching, “Mom the speed limit is 100 and you’re going 110.” When the ghost car put his lights on (coming towards us), I actually said, “well
thank goodness it’s not me!” My son said, “Nope, you were going 80 on the dot.” Then he did a u-turn and came up behind me, so of course I pulled over to get out of the way and he pulled over behind me. He asked if I
knew how fast I was going and I said, “Yes, I was going 80. We all were looking at the speed.” He says I was going 100. I know I was not.

I do want to fight this, but I’m not sure the easiest way. He did write the wrong city down where we were driving. Is it easier to fight it that way? Or that I was not speeding. I do have other speeding tickets, so it’s not like this is my first. I disagree with this one though.

Response:  We will need to look at the Prosecutor’s disclosure of evidence in a case such as this to advise on the best route for a defense.  If you were allegedly travelling at 100  km/h in a posted 80 km/h zone, the charge will carry three demerit points.  If you have a strong defence given the Officer’s evidence, then trial may be the best route to go.  If not, it is possible that the charge could be reduced down to a lesser 0 demerit point offence.   I would recommend talking with one of our staff for a no-cost consultation in greater detail via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London