Inquiry:   Hi:  I just got a ticket tonight at parkside Dr Waterloo. The offence is:  fail to turn out to left to avoid collision. Fine $110 and 3 points. What happened was:  I was stopped behind a car in front of a red light at webber and parside dr. When the light turned to green , the driver in the car ahead me wasn’t pay attention and still stopped there, so I press the horn to remind her, and that made her mad. -The driver raised her middle finger to me in her car, and moved on. -She drove slowly in from of me after the trafiic light, so I decide to pass her. -I speeded up, and tried  to pass her from her left side. -She changed her speed as well, and when I passed her, the right back bumper of my car hit her from bumper. -She called police.  I’wondering:  -In such a case, if her inproper actions such as didn’t pay attention to light, raised finger to me, and drove slowly in front of me could be offensive too?  -If I bring the case to court, do I have any chance to fight?

Response:  Unfortunately the behaviour of the other driver will have little impact on the defense of your charge.  However, you may have a defense to the charge itself possibly being issued under the wrong section number.  I would recommend speaking with one of our staff for a no-cost initial consultation of your case via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London