Inquiry: I received a ticket on failure to stop for yellow light at intersection. It was a wet and little rainny morning. I just exited from the Higway. I flow-through the ramp without speeding while it was a yellow light. The officer said there was no car behind me so I should have stopped. Also, I might create an accident if the car in front of mine stops at the traffic light. However, my judgment within that second told me that if I braked, I might end up in the intersection which may cause a even more dangerous road situation. Also, the car in front of mine was 1 car lenght and I could tell that it wouldn’t stop because it was still a green light when it passed the traffic light.

Would you please advise what I should say to defence myself in this case?

Response:  We are an Ontario-based company, as such we are unable to advise you in this matter.  You may indeed have a defense to the charge and may benefit from contacting a local Court Agent to review the details of your case.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London