Inquiry: Hi. I got a speeding ticket last January 02, of 2011 driving 109kms on a posted 80kms. I know I am guilty of driving that speed and paid it online through credit card. A month after My payment had been returned. I was worried coz maybe they refused by payment. I tried to call them and ask them if i owe them an outstanding balance. They said my payment have been refused. I realized that the police officer who issued me a ticket made a mistake on the date. Instead of 2011 he placed it 2010. What will I do? I called where I should supposed to pay my fine, and they told me not to worry about. Will I get my license suspended? I am really getting anxiety with this thing.. Please help or give me an advise.. I am from Ontario Canada.

Response:  Due to the error on the ticket, it sounds like the Court was unable to accept the ticket from the officer.  When you attempted to pay the fine there would therefore have been no ticket or outstanding fine to place the funds against.  The Court Clerks would have the definitive information about your ticket.  If a clerk has confirmed that the ticket does not exist in their database, then you can rest assured that the original ticket is no longer active (if you wish, you could give the Court a second call at this point to double check).  A police officer has up to 6 months from the offence date to re-issue a HTA charge.  However, in the case of a minor speeding charge it would be unlikely for that to occur.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London