Question:  ticket paid right away because the officer that stopped me on eastbound 17 initially claimed that I was following his cruiser with 116! he reduced it then because he realized that a transport truck can’t even go that fast (speed limiter – 105kmh) !  -so, he reduced the initial claim to 15 over (90kmh posted) and promised me that it wouldn’t affect my driving record quote:”because it is below the points limit”.
– I paid the fine within due time and thought the thing to be over with, for good.
-not so! today I get a letter from the “Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles NB” stating that they will deduct me 3 points for a violation of paragraph 140 (1,1)(a) of the Motor vehicle Act (speeding 25kmh or less over speed limit) even though the cop stated right there that IT WILL NOT COST ME POINTS below $ 75! Are they all liars or what!?

Response:  Unfortunately we are not currently covering NB.  However, I can provide some information that may be of assistance.  I believe NB has a different demerit point system than Ontario; you can verify the demerit points by contacting your local ministry office.  Here in Ontario, 15 km/h or less over the speed limit would be 0 demerits, but NB may be different.  If an administrative error has been made by the Court, you should be able to get the error corrected.  You may want to verify that your driving history shows the correct speed that was shown on your ticket.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London