Question:  My fiance got a ticket for failing to stop.. The date on the ticket is for October of this year, but it is only August. Is this a cause for a dissmisal? When i tried to pay the ticket online two weeks after fact it says ticket not found??

Answer:  It is possible that the Police Officer noticed the error and did not file it with the Court.  If so, the Officer has the option to reserve your fiance within 6 months of the offence date.  You may want to contact the Court directly to determine if the ticket # was filed.  The error on the date may or may not be a fatal error, depending on whether the Prosecutor is able to get it ammended at Court.  If the ticket has been filed, I would recommend contacting one of our staff for a free consultation (1-866-801-8299 toll free) about the penalties associated with the charge and what options are available.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London