Question:   Have our disabled sign on left side dash of our car- good till 2014. Parked in a wheelchiar parking spot at Wallmart in Woodstock. It accidently moved down slightly to the left not displaying the 4 clearly,was not aware of this, everything else showing very clearly. Got left a ticket for $300.00 is this something we can fight as believe this is so unfair, unjust and wrong. I am disabled and on limited income.JIM

Answer:  Good morning Jim.  Given the size of the fine and that the charge should have no effect on your insurance rates, it would likely not be cost-effective to hire a paralegal in your case.  However, you could file the matter with the Court and speak with the Prosecutor once a Court date has been set.  If you provide proof of your valid parking permit, the charge may be withdrawn.  I hope this helps!

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London