Question:   I was recently pulled over and got 4 tickets ..No license..plates not registered to car..No insurance..Invalid sticker. I have a court date in 2 months . but what happens.

Answer:  It sounds like you have some very serious charges.  The “Drive Motor Vehicle – No Insurance” charge alone carries a fine ranging betweeen $5,000 to $25,000 + 25% vfs for a first offence (double that range of fine if you’ve had a prior) plus a suspension of licence up to a maximum of one year.  It is important that you seek out legal representation to understand the penalties that you are facing and to protect your rights at Court.  Courts vary from area to area, but I would expect that the first Court date will be a “First Appearance” hearing.  I would recommend discusing your case with one of our staff at 1-866-801-8299 as we offer a free no-cost initial consultation.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London