Question:  A family friend has been charged pursuant to Section 141(5) of the HTA. He was waiting to make a left turn. An oncoming vehicle was stopped and was not proceeding through the intersection. My friend waited and waited and then the oncoming vehicle flashed his lights. My friend commenced his left turn and was struck on the front driver’s side by a second oncoming vehicle. It appears to have been a staged accident. The driver of the first oncoming vehicle drove away and the driver of the second oncoming vehicle exited his vehicle and started pounding on his window. Emergency services attended at the scene and my friend was charged pursuant to Section 141(5) of the HTA and the other driver was charged with operating his vehicle without a valid license. Can you offer advice as to how we can fight this charge?

Answer:  Your situation is not an uncommon one.  Collision cases are generally highly dependant upon the details of what occurred.  You may have a defence to the charge, I would recommend reviewing the incident with one of our staff at 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London