Question:  live in Saskatchewan, My daughter was issued a ticket for too many people
in her vehicle other than family members. She was given the option to
voluntary pay the fine in advance or appear in court. My question is when
given the voluntary option how many days are you given to pay the fine? She
was issued the ticket at 11:20 p.m on May 14, 2010 and was only given until
this same day to pay the ticket voluntary. Can this ticket be fought in
court ? She was only given a 1/2 hour to pay this ticket in advance or
attend court.

Answer:  The best advice would be to contact your local Court by telephone or in person.  A 1/2 hour doesn’t sound right.  For example, an Ontario ticket states that a fine must be paid within 15 days or be filed for a Court appearance.  However, the ticket won’t actually go to a non-response conviction until 45 days have elapsed.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London