Question:  I live in London Ontario and hit a car while backing out of my driveway.
The London City Police charged me with Careless Driving and 6 demerit
points. I see that there are different companies like yours (POINTS,
XCOPPERS, H.E.L.P., etc). Who should I get to fight my ticket?

Answer:  When choosing the right paralegal team to defend your charge, it is important to find a Court Agent that is credentialed with the Law Society Of Upper Canada, and that is knowledgeable and experienced in the law with a proven track record at Court.  I would recommend reviewing your case with our company(1-866-801-8299) and others to find the right team to represent you at Court.  Be very wary of any company that guarantees that they will have your charge dismissed.  Such guarantees are false and misleading as it is impossible to predict with 100% certainty how the Court will rule on any given matter; if you are mislead in this manner, I would recommend finding a more trustworthy company to work with.  As the Manager of our London office, I would be assigning a Court Agent with over two decades of Court experience to your case (the same person that I assigned to the one-and-only traffic violation that I have ever personally received).   I would be happy to review your case with you by telephone, or you can bring your ticket in to our office at 1398 Wellington Road South (southeast corner of the Highway 401 and Wellington Road).  We offer a free initial consultation for our clients.

Greg Currie
Manager, Ticket Defenders (London)