Question: I already have 6 demirit points, and just got another speeding ticket(80 in a posted 60 zone), i live half an hour away from my college and work place, which i need to travel to daily. what is the best way of possibly getting my ticket reduced? p.s. i have not paid it yet, i still have 12 days to do so? your advice would be greatly apprecieted.

Answer: If you pay the ticket, you will be convicted of the charge and be assessed an additional 3 demerit points on your driving record. Having a total of 9 demerit points will trigger a meeting with the MTO to review your driving behaviour and may result in a suspension of your licence.

Speeding charges at 20 km/h over the speed limit can generally be reduced to 0 demerit point lesser offences and in some cases the can be eliminated completely. I would recommend contacting one of our staff at 1-866-801-8299 to review the details of your charge.

Amanda Case, Licenced Paralegal