Question: I received a parking ticket in Gatineau Quebec. In all identification areas of the ticket my vehicle is identified as having a PQ license plate. My vehicle has an Ontario plate. Is this error enough to get the ticket nullified?

Answer: Unfortunately I cannot give you direct information pretaining to Quebec charges of any kind as I do not practice in Quebec and have no direct contact with someone that does.

I can only tell you that in Ontario parking tickets do not show up on your driving record and are simply a fine. Usually any mistake made on the front of any ticket can be made correct once you try to fight it so I would have to say it is not a fatal flaw and most likely would not result in the ticket being dropped.

For a more accurate opinion I would suggest google search “traffic ticket defense” and state what city and province you received the ticket in. That will usually give you someone directly in that area that can help you.

Amanda Case, Licenced Paralegal