Question:Signage for parking on an Ottawa side street is out of date with the re-development taking place. I was ticketed for parking in a signed no-parking zone, however as I parked in the legally permitted zone, I noticed that parking there blocked a right of way to private parking on the back of the lower street. So I inadvertantly moved ahead and out of the right of way to what was evidently not a blocking piosition, however the signs (which I did not notice) preclude parking in that location but not further up. Therefore, am I justified in asking the court to strike the fine due to improper and out-of-date signage for this street, which caused me to park in the forbidden area despite plenty of available space on that street ?

Answer: My suggestion would be to file it for Trial and then seek to speak with a Prosecutor. As stated in previous blog enteries we do not fight parking tickets and as such would not be able to offer much advice on them. Our suggestion with them is if you feel strongly about the charge then you should choose option 3 and file it for trial.

Amanda Case, Licenced Paralegal