Question:I have over $2000 in parking tickets, all acquired in the same time frame. The first ticket was for parking in a snow route, included $75 for towing. They towed the car to another street and of course ticketed the car again. This process went on to the tune of 10 or so tickets til they finally towed the car to impound. All the while I searched for my car, calling the city, the police, the impound lot. Finally got the car back and there were alot of parking tickets for which a conviction had already been entered except for the last one (barely on time). I fought the last one and the judge ruled that the police were responsible for the car after towing it. Problem is, this was ruled for the last ticket and the others I am unable to fight.

So my question is, can I somehow appeal the conviction? and apply the ruling to the first ticket, thereby paying the first ticket and the ruling canceling the rest??

Answer: I am sorry, but unfortuneatly we are not able to handle any matters in Quebec. Nor can I comment on what their proceedures are as I have never had to deal with them. My suggestion would be to google search a city specific company who can help you with these questions.

What I can tell you is normally there is an appeal process in Ontario for parking matters and I would hazzard a guess the same can be said for Quebec.

Sorry for not being much help.

Amanda Case, Licenced Paralegal