Question: Hello. A police officer charged me with “Disobey Stop Sign.” Both my wife and I agree that our car came to a complete stop at the sign. The policeman was about two blocks away from where we stopped and there is no way he could have been able to see clearly that far? Can we challenge this charge? Is it worth it?

Answer: Police Officers are human and do make errors in observation. The charge carries 3 demerit points for your licence and the impact on your insurance rate will depend upon factors such as your driving history, length of driving, age, etc. Generally the cost of the insurance increase is much higher than the fine on the ticket. If you and your wife are confident that the vehicle came to a full and complete stop, and are willing to confirm this at a trial, then you may have a reasonable chance to have the charge dismissed. There is another section of the Highway Traffic Act that is used for stopping in the incorrect place at a posted stop sign; I would recommend discussing the details of your case with one of our staff to ensure that the officer is not alleging that your car stopped in the wrong place rather than that it did not stop completely. We offer a free initial consultation with clients to review their cases before deciding whether the matter is worth pursuing or not and can be reached by the toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Amanda Case, Licenced Paralegal