Question: I have a parking ticket, but on the ticket it says my licence # is ISHI9O. My plate is actually ISHIDO. It is clearly written wrong and there is no way one could be mistaken for the other. What should I do?

Answer: Parking tickets are not something we usually fight. It will cost you more then it is worth when they do not affect your driving record nor you insurance. However if you feel strongly about it you may want to try fighting it yourself, most likely you can have the fine reduced or possibly suspended (meaning not having to pay one).

As for your situation, it is very rare that a mistake on the front of any ticket these days will result in the ticket being dropped or quashed. The Courts have cracked down a great deal on what they are willing to allow a ticket to be dropped on. If they have all the other information correct such as your name, address, and so on then that mistake can and will be corrected once you bring that to the attention of the Prosecutor.

What I suggest is to do option #2 and plead guilty with an explanation and see if the Justice might be willing to reduce the fine. You can at that time inform the Justice that the Licence Plate number is incorrect, but I am fairly certain that will not make a difference.

Amanda-Licenced Paralegal