Part of a successful defence is preparation and knowledge. Ensuring that your Court Agent has the knowledge they need to provide the best defence possible to your charge can be an important initial step in achieving success at Court. So what should you do before your initial meeting with a Ticket Defenders representative?

Bring Your Ticket or Summons

Your ticket or summons includes important information about the offence you have been charged with. In the case of a summons, it will also note the date, time, and location that your Court Agent must be present on your behalf. Beyond this administrative information, our Agents will also want to review the document(s) for errors that could be used to have the charge(s) eliminated completely.

Statement of Events

Write out in your own words what happened, and then sign and date that statement. This will help ensure that we have all of the necessary information required in understanding the details of your case and that we will be able to best construct your defence. Summarizing the facts of your case will also help use your time with our staff efficiently, allowing time to be spent on analysis of the facts rather than simply gathering them. It can be hard for a Defendant to know what information is relevant and what information is irrelevant to their defence. After reviewing your statement, our Paralegal team can follow-up with specific questions if necessary. If you have photographs related to your case, bring copies of those pictures to be included in your case file.

Supporting Documents

If you have resolved the underlying problem leading to the charge being issued, bring proof that you have corrected that problem. For example, if you have been charged with “Drive Motor Vehicle – No Insurance” and have since corrected a lapse in your insurance coverage, bring in proof of your new insurance policy with you. While this is not a defence to the charge, having that documentation can aid our team in negotiating the charge to a lesser offence, having the penalties reduced, or possibly assist in having the charge withdrawn.

Witness Statements

If you have a witness that was present, have them write a signed and dated statement of what occurred. Witnesses can forget important details over time. Documenting their observations as soon as possible will help protect your interests at Court.

Driver’s Licence

Bring your driver’s licence with you. This piece of identification is used to confirm your identity.

Preparing all of this information before meeting with our staff will help in best utilizing your time and ensuring that we are able to provide the best defence possible. Our team of Paralegals are trained and skilled Court Agents that will defend your interests at Court. You can be a part of ensuring the best odds of your success by arming them with the best information possible as they represent you at Court.

Greg Currie
Branch Manager
Ticket Defenders Professional Corporation (London)