Quebec Traffic Ticket Defence

Have you received a Traffic Violation in Quebec? If so, we can help. Even an out-of-province conviction will affect your driving record in Ontario.

Below is a list of the demerit point structure in Quebec, it does vary from the Ontario demerit point system. The points accumulated on a Quebec ticket, will adversely affect your Ontario Driver's Licence, and your insurance rates here may be affected as a result. Ticket Defenders®* has a French-speaking Licensed Paralegal on staff who is always readily available to help walk you through the process.

Similar to Ontario, speed limits in Quebec are posted on the side of the road and there are standard guidelines offered to motorists. In general, on highways motorists are advised to keep speeds between 60 km/h and 100 km/h. In business or residential areas, speeds should not exceed 50 km/h. Remember, the posted speed limit is always referencing the maximum speed allowed in that area. You are expected to always drive according to the road conditions at the time.

Mobile phones can only be used with a hands-free device. Drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving are subject to fines, as is the case in Ontario. Ontario and Quebec are the only two provinces currently with this as an actively enforced law, though we're all sure the other provinces will adopt this law eventually.

Quebec Speeding Ticket
Amount Over
Speed Limit
Points-60 km/h
or less Zone
Points-60 to 90
km/h Zone
Points-100 km/h
1-10 km/h 0 0 0
11-20 km/h 1 1 1
21-30 km/h 2 2 2
31-39 km/h 3 3 3
40-45 km/h 6 3 3
46-49 km/h 10 5 5
50-59 km/h 10 10 5
60 km/h 10 10 10
61-80 km/h 14 14 14
81-100 km/h 18 18 18
101-120 km/h 24 24 24
121 km/h + 30 or more 30 or more 30 or more

Transfers to Ontario
Amount Over Speed Limit Upon conviction,
the following points
transfer to Ontario
0-15 km 0
16-29 km 3
30-49 km 4
50 km + 6

As is in Ontario, the rules remain in Quebec. If you are convicted of excessive speeding the conviction will remain on your record for a ten year period. If you are pulled over for excessive speeding within that ten year period for a second time, the penalties increase dramatically.

Quebec Infractions that transfer to Ontario
Infraction QC Points ON Points
Red Light, Stop Sign 3 3
Failure to wear seatbelt 3 2
Fail to stop for school bus 9 6
Failure of a driver involved in an accident to do his or her duty 9 7

Ticket Defenders®* can assist with charges out of the Province of Quebec. Given that the penalties will translate to your Ontario Driver's Licence, seeking assistance is always a good idea. You generally will not be required to attend any of the Court appearances if your instructions are to resolve the case. We have an arrangement with an independent Law Firm in Quebec that will attend to your matter for you; we will be pleased to co-ordinate this on your behalf.
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